Areas of Expertise

Dr. Katarina Sikavica’s inquiries are at the forefront of corporate governance research. In her investigations – funded by prestigious international institutions such as the Swiss National Science Foundation and the European Union’s Marie Curie Fellowship program – she offers insights into:

  1. Issues related to shareholder identification/classification and shareholder management strategies
  2. Employee Ownership and employee participation in decision management and decision control
  3. Executive compensation and incentives
  4. Minority shareholder protection, dual class shares / voting restrictions and firm value

With respect to methodology, Kate adopts a triangulating approach using on both qualitative (semi-structured expert interviews and case study) and quantitative (regression analysis of survey and archival data) techniques.

She was part of the first Swiss team to gather and analyze corporate governance data in the Swiss context and since then she has broadened her knowledge to gain a thorough understanding of the European (German) and the US corporate governance at both the firm and regulatory levels. Bridging the gap between theory and practice she has taken on advisory roles for a number of companies and institutions ranging from Ernst & Young, Switzerland to the German Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung and the Swiss Certified Financial Accountants Society. She is also serving as a corporate governance expert for the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Directorate-General.

Kate’s research has important implications for investor relations, proxy advisory and solicitation, the design of incentive systems in organizations and for corporate governance ratings.